Ladies Fishing...

Over at Bewl Water we see many fishermen heading out on the waters to make their catches, however we see significantly fewer ladies. We tend to see more females fishing once they are at professional level. This made us wonder- why don’t more women head over to Bewl Water before they reach a professional level, or even just to enjoy the beautiful setting we have at Bewl Water.



We were approached by a group of ladies who were eager to try their hand in fishing at Bewl Water. They arrived on  a gloriously sunny afternoon and set out with our very own fishing instructor for an afternoon of ‘Glishing’. With simple techniques being taught, within 20 minutes the ladies each had a rod in hand and picked up the technique quickly, with a few giggles along the way.


It wasn’t a couple  or the ladies began getting competitive, whilst the remainder of the group seemed to enjoy sunning on the boat, which made it clear that this was a trip which really was suitable for all- whilst collectively having fun.

Although the group didn’t catch anything, it was smiles all round, and a great day out by all. Even if the only thing you catch is the sun- make sure you give it a go!

Womens Fishing

We have a range of packages to suit all levels and ages, from beginners to ladies packages, to twilight fishing. See more here.