Bewl Water Pleasure Boat hire - Term and conditions & General Rules v1 19.12.19


  • You must be 25 years or older to hire a boat. Under 25’s are not permitted to operate the outboard engine. Proof of age will be requested. The red kill cord should be attached to the user at all times when the engine is running.
  • Life jackets must be securely worn at all times. Hire of such is included in the fee. Should a lifejacket auto-inflate through misuse, being dropped in the water or vandalised a fee of £60 per lifejacket will be chargeable and payable prior to departing Bewl Water.
  • Boats must remain in the designated Pleasure boating area. No boats are allowed within 100 metres of the draw-off tower, overflow tower, dam wall or water sports frontage and are not allowed to enter to enter the Nature Reserve past the ‘No Entry’ buoys. Any additional restrictions or special events will be advertised at the Hire reception.  
  • Swimming in any part of the reservoir is strictly prohibited. (exception – organised event with full lifeguard provision)
  • The use of drugs or alcohol for all Pleasure boat hirers at Bewl Water is prohibited. Bewl Water staff reserve the right to confiscate any alcohol prior to a Pleasure boat hire session and refuse access to the water to anyone suspected of drinking prior to Pleasure boat hire.
  • Excessive noise, shouting or amplified music whilst Pleasure boating is prohibited.

Every person visiting the reservoir shall indemnify the Company against loss or damage to the Company’s property or any other property that might arise from his or her presence or activities at or on the reservoir.  The Company cannot accept liability for loss or damage howsoever caused.


Bewl Water Safety Advice


  • Assess all risks, and be very aware of the environment, including (but not limited to) fishing activity and other water users.
  • Be polite and respectful to all other water users.
  • Be aware of changing weather and wind conditions. If in doubt, ask a Ranger or in the Boat hire reception.
  • Do not cross in front of a casting line and allow enough space for others to pass behind you.
  • All accidents or damage must be reported to the Rangers or reception staff.
  • Wear suitable warm clothing. Use of sun cream in hot weather is recommended. Personal protective equipment and accessories should be considered.
  • Keep your mobile phone nearby and charged.
  • Some algae found in the water are potentially harmful and may prove poisonous to dogs. Always wash after immersing any part of your body in the water particularly hands. Weil’s disease, prevent in open water can cause serious illness. Please keep cuts and scratches covered. See your G.P. if you experience any unusual symptoms.
  • If in the eventuality of you or your fishing partner falling overboard, operate the RED kill cord and row to the aid of the casualty. Phone for immediate assistance. Climb into the front or rear end of the boat and NOT the sides.


Bewl Water Boat Usage


Bewl Water staff will demonstrate the correct use of the engine prior to your departure from the jetty.

  • Start your engine before leaving the pontoon jetty or anchor point. Do not untie the rope until the engine has run for at least a minute. Pull the anchor before putting the boat into forward/reverse.

To start the engine:

  • Ensure the kill cord is attached to both yourself and the engine.
  • Ensure the engine is in neutral and the throttle is in the position indicated by an orange arrow.
  • Squeeze the lemon shaped pump several times to aid petrol flow.
  • Pull the choke out.
  • Pull the starting cord in a firm underarm manner to your waist. It may take a few pulls depending on the engine temperature.
  • With the engine running, give a few revs before pushing the choke button back in.
  • Allow the engine to run for one minute before leaving the jetty/pontoon.


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